Castellanos Creative is a Social Media Marketing Agency built for the bold creative female entrepreneur who is ready to release the day-to-day stresses of social media marketing in exchange for the freedom to run her business or spend a week in Portofino sipping champagne. We focus on increasing brand visibility, keeping your brand message consistent, and nurturing your community, so that you can focus on what fills your cup.

What We Are About

focus on filling your cup while I do the rest

Working with Diamante was a GODSEND, to say the least. I felt that she really heard my business goals/needs and because of that, developed such a successful, well thought out social media strategy. If you're looking to make the leap and invest in your business growth, I can't recommend Diamante enough!

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Brands we've worked with:

I'm Diamante, the visionary here at Castellanos Creative. 

As a female business owner, I have a boots on the ground perspective on what it takes to claim your space online. Combined with my experience as a social media coordinator and training in Digital Media Production, I am passionate about using these skills to propel your brand forward in the Digital space.

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Our Approach:

engaging visuals:

We prioritize creating content that provides a strong branded experience. We capture images that demonstrate the experience and transformation of your ideal client. We also incorporate images with text overlays to add variety and value.

Compelling captions:

We write captions that embody your brand voice and keep your messaging consistent.  We infuse language that establishes you as an authority in your industry and activates them to take action. We also optimize all captions to include relevant keywords and captions.

I no longer stress over what content to create or what time I should post. I am working with a professional who understands my business needs and is collaborating with me to present myself to the social media world effectively. My time is best spent dedicated to other important demands of my business.


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