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The digital world is constantly evolving. Between adapting to regular updates and keeping up with trends, its no wonder you are overwhelmed and exhausted.

"Castellanos Creative has been a great asset to growing my business. Diamante is highly knowledgeable with creative strategies to attract new clients. The best part about working with her is she is motivated to stay up to date with new education with an industry that changes every day. I can’t thank her enough!"

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before working together...

after working together...

You spent hours coming up with content ideas 

Struggled to stay active and consistent with your posting

Frustrated that no matter how many trends you hopped onto, you couldn't see concrete results in your favor

You gained back several extra hours each week because you no longer worry about curating ideas.

You are building trust with your community because you are active and consistent

You are setting yourself apart from your competitors while staying up to date on relevant trends

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Social foundations

A brand's entire foundation is built on establishing a solid relationship with their ideal client

Through strategic direction, we help you create relevant content that focuses on bringing awareness to your ideal client's pain points and encourages them to join your community because you offer them the best solution.

60-minute clarity call
Social media strategy
Instagram profile revamp/optimization
30 custom content ideas
Keywords + hashtags
Project management system set-up (Asana)
30 days of remote support

how we can help you:

social media management

When your business is in the season of growing, it is necessary to attract the eyes of your ideal client

Through social media management, we ensure you are posting consistently and remain active on your social media platforms in order to demonstrate that you are a reliable resource for your clients.

i need this!

Social media strategy
Instagram profile revamp/optimization
Weekly posting
Inbound engagement
Ideation, creation + editing of content 
Story prompts 
Monthly strategy calls
Monthly data assessment

What to expect





apply & book


schedule & Create


Like all good relationships, someone makes the first move! That move is applying to work together. Once you fill out the form and submit it, we will be able to find out if we are a good fit. If we are then we will schedule a time to meet virtually!

After receiving and accepting our proposal, it is time to begin onboarding. This is when you share any relevant passwords and we create a shared folder to store all assets. This is the time where you share any branded elements and messaging.

Prior to going live with posts we will have a meeting to go over the planned content for the upcoming month. This is where we discuss strategy and goals so that we make sure all social content supports those goals.

Once all content is approved, it's time to go live! Posts will be shared at optimized times and we will make sure your profile is active during the scheduled times so that your audience never feels "ghosted!" 

I no longer stress over what content to create or what time I should post. I am working with a professional who understands my business needs and is collaborating with me to present myself to the social media world effectively. My time is best spent dedicated to other important demands of my business.


Do you feel like you are constantly trying to come up with content ideas to post on social media? Enter your name and email and I'll send you 40 content ideas that you can always come back to time and again!

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